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🐍 Python: short intro

Viktor Tiulpin @ SPbPU Β· 2021

πŸ‘€ What this course is about

It’s not about

Jupyter Notebooks, DS, ML, PyTorch and TensorFlow

It’s about

  • Python programming language
  • Good development practices from the industry with Python

$ whoami

  • name: Viktor Tiulpin
  • position: Software Engineer (ML :yeah-sure:)
  • company: JetBrains

πŸ™ Thanks to

🧐 Prerequisites

A will to learn + Python 3.8, git

PyCharm (ask me how to get a student license)


any other IDE you prefer

Hello, 🌍 in Python

print("Hello, World!")

🐍 What Is Python

Multi-paradigm, dynamically typed general usage programming language.

Best second language.

Batteries included.


πŸ““ Python history


πŸ“š H/W

Learn Python in X minutes

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